Bloomberg Writer Admits Foreign Workers Flood US Labor Markets – Breitbart

Even open borders lefties such as Bloomberg can’t hide the racist tidal wave invasion by 3rd world America-hating racist workers any longer.

It’s mainstream news now. Everyone is wise to the invasion.

There is no shortage of skilled Americans, and there never has been. Even the #1 ranked tech university in the world: MIT has said so.

The entire “skilled worker shortage” was a cheap labor ploy by US corporations, their lobbyists, and India’s NASSCOM lobby. All lies. We have a skilled worker surplus, not a shortage.

“There is no shortage of U.S. technology graduates, says a detailed study in, which normally echoes Fortune 500 employers in demanding more imported H-1B visa-workers.

“Americans have plenty of education, talent, and experience — but an ever-ready supply of less expensive and more dependent guest workers gives companies less incentive to invest in them,” wrote author Rachel Rosenthal, under the headline, “Tech Companies Want You to Believe America Has a Skills Gap: But what they really want is a steady supply of cheap, dependent IT workers.”

The report is unusual because most columnists at favor large-scale labor inflows, as does owner Mike Bloomberg. For example, columnist Noah Smith recently denounced Eric Weinstein’s criticisms of the visa-worker pipelines, while welcoming a public debate with Weinstein, an investment manager at Thiel Capital.

Any time!!!

— Noah Smith 🐇 (@Noahpinion) August 2, 2020

But Rosenthal asserts there is no shortage of skilled Americans, that the visa-worker inflow does cut American wages, push Americans out of jobs, and reduce corporate investment in U.S. training and education”.

Not only is there no shortage, Americans built Silicon Valley.

Rebel Infidela day ago

C.of Commerce : Traitors to the US, and all American Workers”.

zippyslug21 hours ago

“Some of the worst code I’ve seen had some from H1Bs and “offshore”. Been a developer for 15 years so I know what I’m talking about. It was almost not worth hiring them because of the repair and bug fixes we would have to do afterward. But our Tech VP was from that same area, so he had an affinity to hire them”.