Jealous globalists chip away at Japan

Recruit Holdings Plans $1.8 Billion IPO Next Month - WSJ

“Desperate need for foreign labor”, “inclusive society” – same old communist lies.

Although the author has a Japanese name, he is an American – and a grad of “Global Studies” – in other words indoctrinated by communist professors in a US university.

Failed 3rd world looters + globalists just can’t stand that the Japanese are more productive and better than most nations.

When they scream “equality” what they really mean is: “We don’t want you being better than we are”. Rather than improving themselves they seek to take the productive down.

The same weaponized immigration that has largely conquered America is now being aimed at Japan.

The thing is though, the Japanese aren’t going to allow mass invasion the way America did.

It’s simply not going to happen.

It’s not racism to want to defend your country. Nor is it racism to demand protection from external threats + predator nations.

It’s also not racism to demand to keep what you worked 80 hours a week to earn.

America has cowered and surrendered what is rightfully its own. Japan isn’t going to.

There is a Japanese proverb which says “Let a stranger in and he will drive you from your home”.

“What becomes clear is that racism and discrimination obviously exists in Japan as it does everywhere, and while there are efforts to make it a topic more open to discussion, it largely remains overshadowed by the idea that it is a “foreign” problem. The government’s megar attempts to address the problem by “regulating” (without consequence) hate speech, there is no sense of urgency to even acknowledge there is a problem”.