Oprah Hosts White Guilt Session: ‘Whiteness Gives You an Advantage No Matter What’ – Breitbart

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Who built Silicon Valley, Oprah?

Black people?

Where were black people when white Americans built Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, airplanes, radio, TV (which you use), and just about everything else in the modern world?

If you aren’t a hypocrite then stop using white-invented TV.

Will you do it, or did BLM just put you up to making these statements?

Where were you, and where were black people, Oprah?

It is not “advantage” if you worked 80 hours a week for 30 years to earn it.

It’s not white peoples’ fault black people are too lazy to do enough hard work to invent something for themselves.

The white man’s country that gave Oprah everything is being stabbed in the back by the ingrate.

Perhaps she would prefer world Chinese rule – and being a slave of the Chinese since she’s black. We can assure you the Chinese are not about to be as nice to you as white people have been.

The world and America owe you nothing.

Earn it, or shut up.

Until the lazy, complaining races start producing and creating, they deserve nothing.

Talk about entitlement.

Boycott this fat, lazy, entitled bitch’s shows + books now.

Who built the modern world and everything in it? White people did.

Who built Apple? White people did. Why don’t black people just get together and build an Apple for themselves? Hmm? It is not white peoples’ fault black people are lazy and unproductive. There is no “white advantage” – there is only white hard work.