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Factory Orders Rise More Than Expected

Jennifer Lawrence Takes $5.7M Loss on NYC Penthouse

Neil Young Files Copyright Lawsuit

Farm lobby demands more migrant slaves

Unis “dumbed down” by foreign student “bullying”

Repair to Reconfigure: India Inc


California’s proposed retroactive income-tax

Pence: ‘Polling Is Broken

Biden Pledges Gun Controls

Biden Snaps at Black Reporter

Cuomo Pleads with Rich New Yorkers to Return to City

Venezuela Steals Supermarket


Virus elimination delivers New Zealand 4% Unemployment


Coinstar CEO On The Ongoing Journey To Digitize Cash


Congress to Investigate Top University

Act of Accepting the Chinese Money

US doubles spy plane missions in region

John Zhang accused by AFP of working with China

China’s migrant workers facing end of an era as the world’s factory winds down amid coronavirus, US-China trade war

Australian PM says US-China war no longer unthinkable

Xi Jinping sends shock waves with his 2035 manifesto

China and Russia ditch dollar in move toward ‘financial alliance’

Chinese reporters in US ‘packing to leave’

Every Indo-Pacific nation is now up and ready

US, China new Cold War long in the making

US wants to eliminate Chinese apps from US app stores

Google cuts 2,500 YouTube channels for ‘China disinformation’

China corn video stokes food security

China Steps Up Massive ‘Combat Readiness’

China vows action if TikTok is forced

China warns US over ‘hostile action’ against its journalists

China’s assertiveness is becoming a problem

International Seed Testing

Children of Communist Elite


Hiroshima marks 75th A-bomb anniversary, urges unity amid pandemic

No bullshit globalization or multiculturalism in Japan.

Japan’s GDP likely plunged 26% April-June

Indonesian woman in central Japan among many foreigners losing jobs

Nintendo hits record as world plays games during pandemic

Sweet floral creations cause a stir on social media

Krispy Kreme’s new line of doughnuts offers plenty of Japanese tea goodness


VA first to roll out coronavirus app

Bay Area coronavirus map: 58,123

AT&T places massive Bishop Ranch on sale

Smart devices, a cohesive system

Unpatchable Exploit Found On Apple’s Secure Enclave

YouTube Will Finally Play In 4K On Safari

Future Apple Devices Could Be Self-Cleaning

How Ads Are Tracking You

PlayStation 4 sales

PS4 Controller Will Not Work With PS5 Games

Sony’s PS5 production on track for holiday launch

Galaxy Tab S7, S7+

Chromebook Owners Will Get Three Months Stadia

E-commerce approaches warp

AI is learning when it should and shouldn’t

7 issues keeping CIOs up at night | CIO

IT leaders juggle staffing

multi-cloud agenda


University of Arizona gets $26M grant

Microsoft researchers claim ‘state-of-the-art’ biomedical NLP model

Syntiant raises $35 million for AI speech-processing

Asia’s regulators ignore rising influence of Big Tech

JustAir Inc. plans HQ move to Texas

Springboard raises $31 million to retool

Zencity raises $13.5 million