Bill Hagerty Defeats Manny Sethi for GOP Senate Nomination


Another Indian Mafia infiltrator has been defeated. Luckily we will keep more of these criminal invaders out of Congress this election. They already have 9 seats in Congress and many more of them are running for takeover.

Whiteroses Teddi2 days ago

“Sethi is a NEVER Trumper, so he would’ve voted against Trump and with the demorats every time. We do NOT need another Romney! Hagarty is aTrump loyalist, and backs up Trump’s agenda.

So, Congrats Hagarty on the primary win! America wins tonight! Sethi is a turncoat just like Romney. Sour grapes and all.

We must hold on to the senate, win the house back and continue with Trump as our CIC!

Vote, vote, vote! Send the radical Marxists packing…”