Logan Act violator Newt Gingrich: ‘We’re Seeing the ‘Dumbing Down of America for Three Generations’

Which is fortunate for you, Newt.

Otherwise Americans might learn that you are working for foreign powers such as India and their agents in the US such as and its founder Shlabh Kumar.

India now controls US politicians.

September 8, 2015

Shalabh Kumar
Chairman and CEO
AVG Advanced Technologies
363 St. Paul Boulevard
Carol Stream, IL 60188

Dear Mr. Kumar,

The election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a useful starting point for developing a Republican Hindu Coalition.

Prime Minister Modi’s efforts to modernize the bureaucracy, emphasize economic growth and strengthen free enterprise are efforts we can applaud and learn from.

America should have a clear commitment to increasing trade with Bharata (India).

The world’s two largest democracies should be natural allies.

A Republican Hindu Coalition can play a unique and historic role working with both the current Republican Congress and the next Republican president to strengthen ties with India.

With the rise in Hindu Americans’ numbers and influence, there is a great opportunity to elect more of these citizens to public office.

Finally, in confronting the violence of Islamic supremacists around the world, there is a potential for cooperation among Hindus, Jews and Christians in challenging the extremist ideology.

For all of these reasons, I applaud and support your efforts to develop a Republican Hindu Coalition and am honored to serve as the Honorary Chairman.

Your Friend