Indian IBM CEO Arvind Krishna in illegal coalition of major CEOs pledges to hire 100,000 Black, Latino, Asian workers in NY

EEOC/DOL violator and IBM CEO Arvind Krishna.

Discrimination based on race in hiring is illegal under US law. Why isn’t IBM being prosecuted?

Anything to keep those white American males out of the workforce.

But don’t worry – there’s no war on white America.

Not to mention this is a violation of US labor laws + EEOC rules.

Where is the DOL?

Indians hate white people because of British colonization – and now they are here to target every white man on American soil that they can.

Mr. Krishna needs to be arrested for visa fraud now.

Indian Mafia.

Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM and another co-chair, added that the jobs council “will create much-needed economic opportunities for New Yorkers in diverse and underserved communities.”

This will not only help companies tap into fresh new talent but also ensure that people of all backgrounds can reap the fruits of the city’s economic recovery and thrive in a fast-changing job market,” Krishna added“.

Fresh new talent” is codeword for age discrimination – also illegal under Federal law.

“reap the fruits” is codeword for stealing industries white people created.

Just more proof of how deeply Indians hate white people – and are here on our soil to do anything to make sure white Americans don’t get tech jobs.

Mr. Krishna is almost certainly doing visa fraud and brining in more foreign workers illegally.

And every last one of these white-male hating rabid comminist women always have a look of scrunched-up hate on their faces. Always.