Well that didn’t take long.

Bait and switch.

Of course now every H-1B will be necessary.

India Incs will just fake all the applications + extensions to claim they need these people – and it will be open borders as usual.

“Certain” is just codeword for “everyone”.

“And their families” means all their H4 software test wife job robbers – and all their high school sports medal toting kids they coach to make videos on Twitter to get S386 passed. And of course their parents, uncles, cousins, and everyone else.

In other words – most of India.

So much for Trump’s promise to end chain migration – he just enabled it.

Sold out again.

And as usual there will be zero enforcement.


“In a move that could help Indian IT professionals and those working in the health care sector, the Trump Administration has announced certain exemptions in H-1B and L-1 travel ban for those continuing employment with the same employer”.

Indian IT professionals?

Is the H-1B a racist visa for Indians?

What a bunch of disgusting racists.