Distorted Images

Roger Federer apologizes for holding up “India” cricket jersey ...

We apologize for any distorted images on the site.

We upgraded to WordPress 5.5 – some dumb Indian programmers over at WordPress ruined it by failing to properly scale images above a certain size in code. So larger images may appear distorted. There’s nothing we can do about it short of rewriting their framework for them. These images rendered fine before the 5.5 update.

Some centered images likewise may also appear off-center for the same reason – again there’s nothing we can do about it. We really don’t have time to do Indians’ jobs for them so we suggest you contact WordPress about the problem.

Until WordPress hires some quality programmers rather than cheap outsourced Indian labor, the image distortion/centering problem will remain.

We apologize.

You can contact WordPress and ask them why they’re doing H-1B visa fraud by replacing their skilled American developers with obviously incompetent Indian programmers.