‘Could it be that a third variable, for example, “explosive job growth in Silicon Valley” be the reason for huge employment growths & high wages? Noah implies it’s the H-1Bs causing the growth’

No, the smartphone revolution caused that. And Apple was built by American workers, not H-1Bs. Once Apple became a runaway success, then H-1B workers wanted in.

Silicon Valley died in 2002 due to H-1B invasion 1998-2001 as American workers were driven out – and would have remained dead had Steve Jobs + Apple not created the iPhone.

H-1Bs do not innovate, they do not create jobs – they take over existing jobs created by Americans.

Americans, not H-1Bs made Apple boom. iPhone came out in 2007 – and took 6 years to develop. H-1Bs didn’t start to invade Apple until 2011 – well after Americans made it a success.

Americans build, H-1Bs take over. It’s that simple.

H-1Bs fled Silicon Valley after collapsing it in 2002 and moved to Wall St. in 2003 – where it too soon collapsed.

These people do not create jobs. They are an incredible drain on the American economy and workforce. Before they arrived, the US had a tax surplus, a perfect economy, no problems, and no worries.

All before H-1Bs invaded.

Americans, not H-1Bs built Apple. H-1B visas are simply a new form of International Socialism – Americans create the jobs, foreign workers move in and take them over.

This book documented in pictures how Silicon Valley was made. Only one Indian was mentioned. No H-1Bs were involved. Buy it – see the proof. And no, Steve Jobs wasn’t an immigrant either.