That’s right America. These people are not here to “keep America competitive”, not here to create great products or innovate. These people are here for one reason only: DOLLARS.

When US dollars are remitted back to India, they are worth a king’s ransom. That is why so many Indians + Indian companies want into the US. Dollar siphoning is transforming India into a land of riches overnight.

Because of the imbalance in the exchange rate and 5-10 million Indian workers jammed into US jobs, billions are being sucked out of America and into India. No wonder homelessness has reached epidemic levels in the US and the country is falling apart. And no wonder the Federal Reserve has to print money 24/7.

This is why America.

Indian programmers in Silicon Valley even have a saying: “Loot and remit, die for dollars, outfox the Yankees!“.

India Inc staffing firm Wipro and its defamer of American tech workers CEO, Azim Premji, right front.