As India continues to steal American tech companies and use them as engines to benefit India, American competitiveness continues to decline.

Jobs continue to be moved offshore from America to India, and more Americans go homeless.

Should critical US tech companies be allowed to be run by foreign nationals who are now using them for the benefit of India at America’s expense?

It is not in the best interest of America to be dependent on a foreign skilled workforce, but that is exactly what is happening.

This is how skilled American tech workers are being systematically removed and replaced by ones from India – because foreign CEOs are now getting foreign workers trained – using our companies.

Bengaluru– Ed-tech startup DataTrained on Monday said it has collaborated with IBM to offer courses in data science, Machine Learning, and neural networks in India.

As part of the 10-month learning programme, students will be taught the fundamentals of Machine Learning and will be introduced to an array of data science essentials, like Python, R, and Deep Learning, said Bengaluru-based DataTrained.