There’s a reason they’re known as the Indian Mafia.

Now organized crime boss and unregistered foreign agent Shlabh Kumar is threatening Trump.

This Modi agent working in the US needs to be investigated and deported immediately. He’s also working with Senator Rand Paul and Newt Gingrish. Via Kumar, Modi has his tentacles wrapped around most US pols, as the article’s photos show. Even Steve Bannon was involved before he was thrown in the slammer.

Are you listening Mike Pompeo? You wanted tips on foreign interference in our elections, well here you go. Whatcha’ going to do about it?

It also appears may have violated IRS 501(c)(4) laws by influencing Federal political candidates, which is illegal.

Kumar also supports India’s Hindtuva Citizenship Amendment Act which excludes muslims by faith.

We need to get foreign influence out of our gov’t now.

Now you know why Trump won’t end H-1B as promised – he is beholden to foreign special interests who helped him get elected.

“In 2016, Chicago-area businessman Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar founded the RHC after he and his wife each donated $449,400 to Trump’s campaign, the maximum allowable amount. The RHC was co-founded by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. The Kumars served as “bundlers” for Trump’s first run for the White House.

The RHC held a mega-rally for Trump in October 2016 in Edison, New Jersey, attended by about 8,000 Indian Americans. Trump pledged to the crowd that India would always have a friend in the White House if he was elected.

Kayo Anderson, executive director of the RHC, clarified to India-West that these were Kumar’s demands and not those of the organization. Trump’s re-election campaign did not respond to an on the record request for comment from India-West, but said in an email on background: “The Republican Hindu Coalition is organized as a 501(c)(4) and cannot legally coordinate any efforts with the Trump Campaign.

The businessman has said he wants the president to take a firm stand to support DALCA, and a related issue, the green card backlog, which has left more than half a million Indian Americans with approved green card applications waiting in a queue of 53 years or more. Horror stories have emerged of people dying while waiting in the green card queue”.

Horror stories have also emerged of American IT workers and unmatched US doctors commiting suicide because they can’t find jobs thanks to the India Inc staffing company invasions funded by the likes of Kumar. violated IRS 501(c)(4) rules by influencing Trump’s 2016 presidential election campaign. Why hasn’t Kumar been arrested?

Kumar appears regularly on TV in India and has been seen meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi many times. He is in fact, an unregistered foreign agent of the gov’t of India. Kumar has failed to disclose such on‘s website as required by US Federal law.