Big Tech: America’s Success ‘Depends’ on Corporations Importing Foreign H-1B Visa Workers – Breitbart


1/2 of them are foreign CEOs themselves such as at Google and Microsoft, the rest have been threatened/intimidated into compliance by the Indian Mafia and the worldwide international socialist conspiracy – aka communism.

Americans built Silicon Valley. Foreign workers wait for Americans to build great companies, then they move in and take them over.

Takeover and displacement does not equal innovation.

If this nonsense continues, Silicon Valley has no future. It will crash again – just as it did every time in the past it imported lots of foreign workers: 1991, 2002, 2008.

Another big tech crash is coming because now that most big tech companies have been invaded by foreign workers, innovation has come to a halt.

Most of the foreign workers are industrial spies here to learn our tech and move the jobs back to India + China. Asians are laughing at how dumb Americans are to beleive this crap and allow millions of them in to rob us.

No wonder America is falling further and further behind and foreign powers are already eclipsing us.

The strong delusion continues.

Cpriestess We don’t believe you. You lie for your bottom line. You mislead your customer base. You need more H1-Bs like I need a Covid vaccine. You are cheap. And greedy. American workers can wipe the floor with anybody when given the opportunity. But they are not given the opportunity because a fair day’s wage for expertise, cuts into bottom lines.
Tech doesn’t want to PAY AMERICANS but it wants Americans to PAY THEM. And it wants to spy on them. Sell their data to anyone who will pay. And suffer no consequences for their betrayal of the 4th Amendment.
Turn them off. Block their advertising. Make different choices. These guys MIGHT AS WELL be ChYna for all the good they do for Americans”.

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