California, Texas, New Jersey Employers Have the Most to Lose From H-1B Restrictions

And those just happen to be the biggest H-1B states – and the states that are collapsing and falling apart. Once beautiful Austin TX of 5 years ago has been replaced by a dying hellhole of homeless Americans who got job-robbed and blindsided by the invading India Inc innovation hub job robbery centers which InfoSys, Cognizant, Tata, and HCL opened there.

These India Inc centers replace American workers in existing companies, they do not innovate or create jobs as claimed.

Don’t be fooled by all the nice talk of creating jobs and innovation out of these frauds – they are here to steal jobs, remit dollars back to India and move US industry back to India once they get trained here. India Inc invasion is death to the US.

The “employers” they are talking about are either the India Inc invasion companies listed above, or the companies they pump their cheap labor fraud H-1B looters into. Either way, it’s labor crime and wage-fixing.

Everywhere these people show up, cities die.

This is the problem people – job robbery centers opened by Indian offshoring companies such as InfoSys which promise new US jobs, but do the exact opposite – ship them offshore.

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