Not really.

Harris is an unregistered foreign agent of the Modi gov’t of India via his operation in the US – USIN-PAC and its president, Sanjay Puri.

Biden is but a puppet – and obviously unfit to lead. He would most likely be removed from office on mental health grounds which would give rise to Harris as President.

That is what the Indian gov’t is planning.

India has been trying to maneouver an agent into the US Presidency for years. This is not conspiracy theory. Already several Indian nationals have been elected to Congress. Harris’ mother is from India. Many of them are being primed as Presidential candidates. Modi regularly controls many US congresspeople and even Trump with rallies such as Howdi Modi in which 50,000 Indians packed a sports stadium in Houston, TX.

Modi also controls many US CEOs including Sundar Pichai of Google and Satya Nadella of Microsoft.

We need to get foreign meddling out of our politics now.

These people are not our allies. Due to history, both India + China hate white America. Their real goal is conquest.

Harris has repeatedly called for defunding the Pentagon and US military which would leave the US wide open to attack from our enemies – China + India.

A Harris presidency would be a very very dangerous situation for America – if not fatal.

I am puzzled, as I assume my readers are, why the powers-that-be chose the two least electable candidates for the Democrat nominations for president and vice president.

Those of you old enough to remember President Reagan will remember all the presstitute insinuations about Reagan being senile and falling asleep at cabinet meetings.  Of course, the presstitutes were never at cabinet meetings.  

Reagan successfully confronted the two major problems of his time—stagflation and the nuclear armageddon that could result from misunderstood intentions or a warning system error.  Reagan’s supply-side policy deep-sixed stagflation—the simultaneous rise of inflation and unemployment—and his negotiations with Soviet President Gorbachev ended the Cold War.

Americans today, especially the youth, know nothing about how the Reagan administration gave us two decades of economic growth without having to pay for it with rising inflation, and they do not know that Reagan ended the Cold War.  “.

Foreign powers that be chose them – so they could get an Indian agent into the White House to destroy America. The only “powers that be” running America are the Federal Reserve, Wall St. and foreign powers.

There are a lot of foreign powers in the world that are deeply jealous of America and want to see her gone. India + China top the list.

The Reagan Revolution gave America nearly 2 full decades of unbridled prosperity – until the Communist Clintons got their hands on America and started the International Socialism known as Globalization.

One Indian writer even called for a nuclear attack on America because the 3rd world cannot succeed until “America is torn asunder“.

Does that sound like an ally to you?

As a footnote, Gorbachev predicted America would be invaded by foreign workers in his 1989 book “Perestroika: New Thinking for Our Country and The World“.

But you cannot educate snowflakes today. Go ahead and try. They will not listen. Even if you put all of the evidence right in front of them. They still will not listen.

And because of this strong delusion + madness gripping America today, America is going to be conquered by foreign powers.

It is already happening.

Slow, silent invasion + conquest via business, bribery, influence, politics, and foreign manipulation has proven much more effective against America than any military conflict ever could.

Old cold war enemies suddenly turned friends are conquering us.

But if Harris becomes President eventually, a final destruction of America via a foreign nuclear attack could be the end.

Countries such as India + China would rejoice at such an event.

Joe Biden names Indian-American expert as digital chief of staff

Biden, ‘Team of Six’ Democrats to woo Indian-American Diaspora

Kamala Harris appoints an Indian-American as her press secretary

Modi has an unregistered foreign agent in the Biden campaign, right.

CEOs of Adobe, Google, and Microsoft are all under Modi control.

Modi also controls, and its president Shlabh Kumar, who meets with Modi regularly and appears on Indian TV as well.

Former Senator Orin Hatch violates the Logan Act by meeting with‘s president Shlabh Kumar, right. Under the Logan Act it is illegal for former US officials to meet with agents of foreign governments.

Modi is part of a dangerous Hindu-supremacist group known as BJP/RSS in India which regularly oppresses all non-Hindus in India. At one point Modi was banned from entry to the US for his religious oppression.

Silicon Valley is now controlled and occupied by India – and their congressman Ro Khanna helps them do it.

Foreign lobbying groups from India control US congresspeople such as Dick Durbin of IL.

Foreign immigration lawyers such as Cyrus Mehta call and harassed Dick Durbin into acquiescing to their deamands.

Several US CEOs including Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai meet with Modi. Why are US CEOs so beholden to foreign presidents?

Sen. John Cornyn of TX with Modi.

Modi, left, and his agent at USIN-PAC, Sanjay Puri, right.

Howdy Modi in Houston, TX – 50,000 racist Indians pack a stadium.

India’s IT lobby NASSCOM regularly meddles in US politics.