Stella Hong: ‘Reverse racism is a myth’

Anyone who has been to Silicon Valley lately knows that is obviously not true.

Census: Indian Visa Workers Driving Americans Out of Middle-Class Jobs

Asians have been targetting white Americans for removal from the job market for decades – in America.

Silicon Valley which was built by white Americans is now 95% Indian workers.

Since most white and black Americans now know what is going on, Asians are in overdrive to try to cover up their crimes on the American people.

This article is just more propaganda.

Hong is almost certainly a CCP agent or affiliate writing to propagandize and fool the US. No wonder Chinese reporters are being deported from the US left + right now.

In Houston TX 50,000 racist Indians packed a stadium demanding a racist India-first law, S.386 be passed to give most green cards to Indian nationals for the next 10 years. But don’t worry, reverse racism isn’t real.

These people absolutely hate white America and want white Americans gone.

US Census data says reverse racism is rampant in US STEM careers – the result of 22 years of mass H-1B invasions and job robbery from Asia.

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