India closely engaged with US admin on visa issues, including H-1B

Yep. India now controls the H-1B program, much of the US gov’t, most US pols, and most STEM hiring in the US.

Just whose gov’t is this? America’s or India’s?

As one Indian programmer in Silicon Valley told us: “You can’t do anything about this becasue we have bought every one of your politicians“.

They even put their unregistered foreign agents in US election campaigns.

“Closely engaging the US”: packing a stadium in Houston TX with 50,000 racist Indians so Modi can visit and strong-arm Trump into letting more of them in. Totally racist.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – 100% Indians.

Racist Indians’ idea of “closely engaging” the US is to stalk US Senators until their demands are met + US laws are changed to favor Indian immigrants.