Ron Hira: ‘This is what our current West Coast elites present us as “innovation” – exploit poor people for profit’

Yep. America’s once-crown jewel has basically been trashed. It’s a joke of a cheap labor dump living off past glory and is headed right for the dust bin of history.

All because the cost-cutting, bottom feeding corporate mentality has replaced the brilliant creativity Silicon Valley once had.

Once upon a time people understood that greatness, not dollars + profits were the true road to success.

But not any more.

Every successful system attracts parasites.

As Dr. Hira noted, Silicon Valley also used to be conservative, despite its early hippie roots. Now it’s a madhouse of communism + control.

And it’s dying.

Not keeping America competitive. In fact, destroying and ruining America.

But then again, that is what the globalists want.

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