Madness Links

Sep 22, 2020

Too Much Centralization Is Turning Everything Into A Political Crisis

“Inflation” And America’s Accelerating Class War

Exposing War Crimes Should Always Be Legal

Out of Control

Illumina will pay $8B to acquire Grail

Ferry Building gets new color

Tesla is on the cusp of a sales record

SF to buy Granada Hotel as part of Project Homekey

Democrat Blackmail Campaign Intensifies

DARPA Unleashes COVID Microchip Domination

Transition Integrity Project Founder Calls For EXECUTION Of Former Trump Official

“Maniacal Laughing Vandal” Derails Manhattan Subway

New Yorkers Paint ‘F**k Cuomo and de Blasio’ Mural in Brooklyn

Most Venezuelans Want ‘Capitalist’ Nation

Migrants Rescued After Being Stuck on New Border Wall

Less Than 2 Minutes to Midnight – and Getting Closer

Barr Calls Out BLM: They’re Not Interested In Black Lives

US Court Rules that NSA Mass Surveillance Was Illegal

New Lockdowns Could Lead Europe To Economic Depression

Farage: ‘Say No!’ to Second National Lockdown

Covid-19 drives biggest surge in technology investment in history

Blueprint For Overthrow: Transition Integrity Project

The Democrats’ Temper Tantrum Through the Institutions

Transhumans: Frozen Heads, New Blood, Computer Brains

Dozens of Illegals Run Through Man’s Yard Fleeing Stash House Bust in Phoenix

US Sends M2A2 Bradleys To Challenge Russian Forces In Northern Syria

Full Epstein Flight Logs Set For Release, Sparking Panic Among Elites

San Francisco to buy Granada Hotel as part of Project Homekey

Nikola founder resigns amid controversy over company’s tech

Nigel Farage Predicts Massive Migrant Wave From France on Tuesday

Tucker is not backing down. Takes on Soros and his Prosecutors nicel

Soros Uses AOC To Push For Color Revolution In Wake Of RBG’s Death

BBC Asks Whether Climate Change Activism Too White and Middle Class

AOC Hints Dems Will Impeach Trump Again To Stop SCOTUS Confirmation

Twice-Deported Illegal Alien Sentenced for Double Murder in Indiana