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Leftist Group Fueling Democrat Senate Campaigns at Center of Attacks on Amy Coney Barrett’s Children

EPA Warns California’s 2035 Ban on Gas-Powered Cars Is Possibly Illegal

Dennis Quaid Calls Out ‘Cancel Culture Media’ Pushing Fake News

Senators Demand Answers from Netflix CEO over Project ‘Parroting’ Chinese Propaganda

EU’s Migrant Distribution Policies Have Failed – Austrian Chancellor Kurz

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Putin Touts Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine at the U.N. General Assembly

Putin To Be Among First To Receive ‘Controversial’ Sputnik Vaccine

Ukraine’s Zelensky: U.N. Letting ‘Calamities Become New Normal’

Three Iranian Power Plants Will Soon Be Mining Bitcoin

Iran taunts US Navy with drone images of USS Nimitz

Algerian Migrant Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison for Drugging, Raping Patient in French Hospital

Bolivia at U.N.: Socialists Blocked Oxygen from Getting to Coronavirus Patients

Eiffel Tower Evacuated After Bomb Threat From Man Shouting “Allahu Akbar”

Serbia and Kosovo Agree to Name Disputed Lake After Donald Trump

Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Death for ‘Blasphemy’; Refused to Convert