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Musk Says No Covid-19 Vaccine For His Family, Blasts ‘Knucklehead’ Bill Gates

Scottsdale ammunition company faces $80.1 million order backlog

Trump and Biden ‘Made in America’ tax plans ignore the real problem

Nearly 100,000 Brooklyn Voters Got Wrong Ballot Return Envelopes…

New Election Fraud Discovered In Texas

Project Veritas Releases Another Omar Video Showing Cash for Votes

O’Keefe: Our Video Is ‘Hard Evidence’ of Voter Fraud

Hillary Clinton Accused Of Approving Scheme To Smear Trump With Russia Accusations

Declassified Intel Suggests Russia Alleged Hillary ‘Plan’ to Frame Trump for Collusion

Feinstein Busted Not Wearing Mask After Demanding Mask Mandate

Consumer Confidence Unexpectedly Explodes Higher in September

Colbert Admits: ‘Justice Barrett Inevitable’

EPA Administrator Pans Newsom’s Electric Car Mandate: ‘You Can’t Keep the Lights on Today’

The Election Has Already Been Hijacked & The Winner Decided: ‘We, The People’ Lose

Biden Campaign Requested Debate Break Every 30 Minutes

Biden Claims to Not Support Green New Deal

Conservative Sleuths Claim Biden Wore Communication Device At Debate

Bloomberg Funding Helps Fla Felons Vote Due to Groundwork by Soros

Chamber of Commerce’s Political Chief Resigns After Democrat Endorsements

UNC Grad Students Demand Administrators’ Salaries Be “Redistributed”

EPA chief ridicules California’s proposed ban of new gas cars

F-35 Stealth Jet Crashes After Mid-Air Collision Over California

Popular Bay Area chef, restaurateur killed in fatal head-on collision

Belgian Doctors, Health Pros Demand End To Lockdowns

Poll: Britains Would “Go To Prison Before Being Injected”

Where Is The Right’s “George Soros”?

‘Embarrassment to our country’: Should that be the last Trump-Biden debate?

’Trump Doctrine’: Potus Nominated Again for Nobel Peace Prize

‘The Diamond House’ on Scottsdale mountain sells for $2.5M

86-year-old blogger finds a new purpose

Comerica Bank’s long time commitment to ending youth homelessness

Flowers For Dystopia: Music Begins To Reflect Culture

Global Food Shortages Are Becoming Very Real, And U.S. Grocery Store Chains Are Preparing For Worst Case Scenarios

Opinion: Don’t believe what Uber and Lyft claim about Prop. 22

Joe Montana Fights Off Home Intruder

Philippine president complains after Facebook takes down fake accounts

Blackburn: Left & Media Driven by Anti-Catholic Hate

TUCKER: ACB ‘Represents Everything That Made This a Great Country’; Therefore, Dems ‘Despise Her’

Vatican Fires Senior Official As London Property Investments Bleed Millions Of Euros In Losses


DeskPi Pro Set-top Box

BART receives $1.2 billion federal grant for Transbay Corridor

Musk criticizes OpenAI exclusively licensing GPT-3 to Microsoft

Phoenix entrepreneur creates RexPay app to cure medical bill mayhem

BlackSky Monitoring Satellites Will Soon Have 50cm Resolution

S.F. coworking startup Codi lets residents earn cash by renting out their homes to remote workers

House Passes Legislation to Guide the United States to a Clean Energy Economy

House Unanimously Passes Bipartisan National Stockpile Bill That Boosts Domestic PPE Production

Covidean Creed: The Gospel According To Technocracy

Inception: Scientists Learn How To Plant Ideas Into Your Dreams

Coinbase’s rejection of corporate social responsibility creates a stir, but it shouldn’t be a shocker

D-Wave’s 5,000-qubit quantum computing platform handles 1 mil variables

Drug Actually Repairs Nerve Damage, Giving Scientists Hope For Future MS Treatment

Ex Director of NSA Kieth Alexander on Amazon Board of Directors

ExamSoft’s remote bar exam sparks privacy and facial recognition concerns

Farah and Nikolai are finally headed to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone

Focus Of AI Is Shifting From ‘Data’ To ‘Knowledge’

Simulation Flight at 20,000km/h from Osaka to Tokyo

Target is giving $10 back with every $100 Apple Gift Card purchase

Technocracy’s Tyranny: The New Normal Isn’t Normal

The U.S. Needs to Get Serious About Investing in Electric Vehicle Production

Founder at Kadena Explains How Blockchain Will Become an Industrial Scale Technology

Here’s the status of San Francisco’s biggest projects