Month: September 2020

  • Japan Links

    Japan’s GDP suffers record fall Japan’s Q2 capital outlays fall most in decade Honda + GM join hands to develop cars in N America Japan tells U.S. of plan to […]

  • China Links

    China says Trump bluffing on WeChat ban Google embraces Taiwan as Asia hub with 3rd data center Taiwan ID firm dismisses accusation it worked with contractors for China spy grid […]

  • Tech Links

    Apple IIe on a Card Apple IIe //e Computer 64K NEW Rare Lost Steve Jobs TV ad: Apple IIe: The Most Personal Computer Get Your Apple II Booti On Laserwriter […]

  • S.386 Links

    Eliminating the per-country cap would provide an unfair advantage Changes to our immigration laws must be fair to American workers Immigration Voice Targeting Florida Sen Rick Scott Indians have been […]

  • The Biden Files

    Kamala Harris Ditched Tough Sex Offender Law Kamala Harris’s Husband’s Firm Reps Chinese Communist Party-Owned Corporates, Employs Ex-CCP Officials Biden, unable to call on people raising hands, tells staffer to […]

  • Republican Hindu Coalition Says It Will Back Off Supporting Trump’s Re-Election Bid Unless Founder’s Demands Are Met

  • The Mehta Files

  • Recent Tweets

  • RSS Funds Padma Kuppa, Hindutva’s Mouthpiece in Michigan for US Polls

    Hindtuva in America is growing. “Democracy dies in darkness,” said Padma Kuppa in March 2020. “The minute you stop paying attention and stop being aware of what’s going on, […]

  • From a reader

    “Dear Ambassador Brownback, This relates to Religious Freedom so is the Trump Administration / You going to ignore that the RSS / BJP / HSS  who persecute Christians, Muslims and […]