Agriculture Department Moves to Make Foreign Farm Workers Cheaper

So much for “free markets” – not to mention illegal criminal wage-fixing and market manipulation – both of which are Federal crimes.

Wages in America are set by the US gov’t – just like a communist country;

America’s economy is already centrally planned and controlled – that is what all the gov’t agencies are really for. And like the “old” Soviet Union, the leviathan US gov’t and its insatiable appetite for money will bankrupt us all.

The real question is: how can the US gov’t get away with violating US criminal wage fixing laws with impunity?

The US, the beacon of light on the hill is no different than Communist China with all its forced slave labor. In the US, workers are the slaves, and work visas are the mechanism by which the US gov’t keeps workers captive.

No different than a Nike shoe factory in China.