Racist ITServe Alliance Sues Over New H-1B Prevailing Wages

The racist 100% all Indian ITServe Alliance – an organized H-1B crime shop consisting of several India Inc illegal staffing companies has sued the US gov’t to stop the new H-1B prevailing wage increases.

Here we have a foreign organization, consisting entire of H-1B cheap labor violators and Title 8 criminals now openly admitting their business is to provide cheap labor.

What kind of country allows foreign staffing companies and organized crime shops to sue its gov’t to illegal rig the labor market? If anything, these criminals doing visa fraud should be the ones arrested and tried immediately.

Yeah, it’s getting unbelievable.

ITServe Alliance – a racist 100% all-Indian RICO organized crime syndicate regularly violates Title 8 of US law, and files fraudulent H-1B visas which illegally suppress wages. In the latest lawsuit, they even admit higher wages will “harm our business”. Manipulating labor markets in a Federal crime in the US. Why hasn’t this organized crime ring been shut down yet?

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