In our continuing series of Poetry for Politicians, we release our latest – Crime on You Crazy Biden.

Crime On You Crazy Biden

A Parody

Set to the tune of Pink Floyd’s Shine on You Crazy Diamond


Remember when it first begun
Ripped off by these scum
Crime on you crazy Biden

Now that we’re on to you guys, there’s no hiding your lies
Crime on you crazy Biden

You were caught with the Commies, with deals and connections
Blown on the real sleaze
Come on you target for Twitter protection
Come on you traitor, you harper, you questioned, and crime!

You took Burisma money too soon, you cried like a goon
Crime on you crazy Biden

Hunter was high as a kite
And exposed by the right
Crime on you crazy (you crazy) Biden!

Well you whored out your office with graft and derision
Rode with the real sleaze
Come on you player, you seeker of children
Come on you brainer, you hider, you fill-in, and crime!

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