Just whose gov’t is this?

India’s or America’s?

Are they temporary workers or is this a mass invasion and takeover of America by India?


“Some had their eyes filled with NRI dreams of getting green cards and settling down in USA. After all the play cards and the banners also spoke clearly- “Trump for faster green card”, “Trump for more H1B visas”. As was being promised, a Trump victory was going to open the doors to the garden of heaven welcoming desis to the pinnacle of their dreams and establishing them in “Amrika” with faster visas, both work and family, more green cards and also ease the road to citizenship“.

50,000 racist Indians pack a stadium in Houston @ the Howdy Modi event.

“What is it in Indians that they accept racism, of being treated badly due to the color of their skin as normal and acceptable? As if it is their destiny to be treated life long as the third or fourth rated citizens of the world?

They are ready and eager to move to USA and the Western world and face alienation from the White man especially in a Trumpian world”.

Dollars – that’s what. USD remittances are worth a fortune back in India. So much so, that an entire Indian middle class complete with middle class houses + cars are being created there using remitted US dollars from jobs Indians stole from Americans. Pretty sweet deal for India – death for American tech workers. And they will put up with anything to get it.

We have handed them Silicon Valley on a silver platter – which Americans spent decades painstakingly constructing @ 80 hours/week. Along with 95% of all STEM jobs in America. If that’s racism, then what would no racism look like?

Silicon Valley, built by white Americans, now stolen + occupied by racist Asians.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – where racist Indians now occupy 95% of all tech jobs. White neighboorhoods? We don’t think so. Don’t believe us? Just ask Ro Khanna and his merry band of racist job robbers.