Good. Because diversity training is really just codeword for propaganda designed to get rid of white people.

Lazy races can’t compete with white Americans, so their only recourse is to get rid of them. And that is what has been going on in America for close to 25 years now, if not longer.

You can bet organizations backed by jealous foreign powers such as India + China will sue in US courts to overturn the rulling.

The war on white America continues.

50,000 racist Indians pack a stadium in Houston demanding new laws be passed to give 95% of all new green cards to Indians for the next 15 years. Oddly, Trump supported the racist rally called Howdy Modi. Non-white races in America don’t want “diversity” – they want the white race gone, as this event clearly shows.

Crazy thieving Asians stole Silicon Valley from white Americans who created it. Don’t scream racsim – this is US Census Data. When other races can’t create, they simply steal everything from white Americans. It’s how Asians roll. Diversity is simply codeword for more foreign powers to rob us.