More PR lies, more unbalanced trade, more rape of the US economy. Don’t believe these lies for once second.

Americans never get to vote on foreign trade deals.

Neither our allies, nor our foreign competitors are about to honor any agreements. China never honored its WTO 2001 agreements, N Korea never honored The Agreed Framework signed in 1994. Why should we think anyone is going to honor anything now. These people sign papers, then turn right around and stab us in the back.

Same old free trade lies, same old disasters for the US.

Our pols + business people are delusional losers – and continue to be.

Trade enforcement deserves a spot high on my former colleagues’ to-do list. Holding our trading partners accountable to pacts, and negotiating robust new agreements with our allies, would create jobs and help our economy fully recover from COVID-19.

International trade has long been a boon for the U.S. economy“.

We heard the same things about NAFTA in 1992, and about H-1B in 1998 and 2001. All of them have been complete disasters for the American economy and for American workers.

The US runs billions in trade deficits with the rest of the world (particularly China) and millions of foreign industrial spies get into the US on H-1B, L-1, and OPT work visas every year to take jobs from Americans.

If this article isn’t cheap labor PR from the Chamber of Commerce, or the business lobby, then it’s PR from India or China who routinely buy PR in US media.

Either way, American voters, and workers lose once again.

Vast economic benefits promised by Clinton + Gore’s NAFTA in 1992 never materialized. The opposite happened. 20 years ago the US was a booming tax-surplus nation and was the envy of the world. Now foreign nations have surpassed us, mainly through industrial theft, work visas, and billion-dollar trade surpluses. No matter what these PR articles say, the US is dying.

The same trade lies were sold to the American people in the early 1990’s – promising “Vast economic benefits” which never materialized. In fact, the opposite happened. America is being subjected to a subtle new form of international socialism know as globalization.

Foreign competitors regularly hire US lobbying firms to stack the trade deck in their favor but then tell Americans it’s good for them.