Now you know why the election was rigged so hard: CEOs and corporate business lobbies demand their cheap labor – and they’re going to get it any way they can, even if it means collusion, breaking the law, and rigging the election.

All these CEOs need to go to prison immediately.

“They’ve indicated they are going to be very different than the Trump administration on high-skilled immigration, immigration in general,” the head of an investor group told the Hill. “High-skilled immigration … has led to so much growth and technological superiority and competitiveness for the U.S.,” the investor group head, TechNet CEO Linda Moore, said”.

Bullshit. China + India are eating our lunch – mainly because we let millions of them in to steal our jobs, get trained, and move our industries back to Asia.

America is dying, and we’re already being surpassed by Asians. What’s left of US tech was created by Americans. We’re being looted. Big Tech just wants its cheap controllable labor.

H-1B Foreign Workers Are Destroying Merrimack Valley

Americans built Silicon Valley long before foreign workers arrived in large numbers.