Well when the India Mafia gets involved, what did you expect to happen? Something good?

The reality is the entire thing was caused by Boeing’s then-Indian origin CIO shipping all the skilled American jobs to India’s HCL Technologies – which the FAA had previously banned from ever working again on the 787 Dreamliner proj. Their work was so bad it was banned for saftey reasons.

The CIO and HCL got off scott free and nothing happened to them. The CIO at least should have been put in prison for visa fraud and criminal negligence.

The Indian Mafia is an unaccountable nightmare wreaking havoc all over the US.


The Indian Mafia criminal who shipped all the Boeing engineering jobs to illegal $9/hr H-1B workers from India. This man is still walking around scott-free even after pulling off one of the biggest corporate crimes in American. history. Boeing quickly canned him to avoid visa fraud scrutiny.