Chris Coons is either delusional or else working for China.

The US is in decline – mainly because we let millions of China + India’s industrial spies into the US to take US tech jobs, drive Americans out of them, steal our tech, and move the industries back to China.

Coons is a big fan of H-1B. Is he really that out of touch with reality that he doesn’t realize that the very people we are importing is the cause of the problem?

Did allowing Apple + Tesla‘s EV trade secrets to be stolen by a Chinese national help keep America competitive?

Nope. But that is going on all over the US in millions of tech jobs. Only a few of them actually get caught. These people are here to steal from us, not help us.

And our Congress is dumb enough to allow it to continue.

We are fools.

22 years ago before the H-1B invasion the US was the envy of the world. It has only taken China a little over 2 decades to be able to pull off what is probably the greatest industrial heist in all of history.

Until we stop importing industrial spies on H-1B visas to displace American workers, America will continue to decline.

How can we out-compete China or India when they are on our soil, occupying our jobs, and our industries – especially Silicon Valley. We can’t out-compete anyone when our own people aren’t allowed to work.

Strong delusion indeed – which will probably ultimate spell the end of America.

Someone please mail a copy of this book to Mr. Coons.

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