Read between the lines on this one:

Translations in bold:

“The Biden-Harris administration has also suggested its intention to pursue and implement the following new measures:

  • Reform of existing visa programs for temporary workers, including agricultural, seasonal and highly skilled workers by increasing the number of temporary visas available annually, creating greater flexibility in green card numerical limitations and awarding green cards to PhD graduates in STEM fields who are prepared to make “important contributions to the world economy

Note it didn’t say “to the US economy”. In other words, not-so-temporary foreign invaders will get more green cards, more job robbing H-1Bs, and the ability to steal more US industry and move it back to Asia, Mexico, and other locales. Which is just more proof: the US econ is being used by the world as a wealth redistribution engine for the lazy countries. America and Americans come last. Most of our pols are either taking $ to enable it, or clueless that it is going on.

  • Creation of a new visa category to stimulate local and regional economic development

So even more job robbing, industrial theft, and looting just about everything else in America, because well, giving them all 5,000,000 top US tech jobs just wasn’t enough. Nothing local is going to be stimulated. The incoming workers on the news visas will displace Americans, just like they have been for 22 years. And nothing will stop it.

  • Increased enforcement of existing immigration laws on worksite compliance

We’ve been hearing about enforcement for 22 years and it hasn’t happened yet. And it’s never likely to happen – because DC and gov’t agencies are run by cheap labor Wall St, biz lobbies, and foreign powers. They’re not about to do anything to protect US workers. When we see SWAT teams hit India Incs and lead their perps out in handcuffs for all the rampant visa fraud they are doing, we’ll believe it.

  • Solutions for DACA recipients and evaluation of TPS (Temporary Protected Status) programs

More armies of invading job robbers who will undercut American wages and displace Americans from their jobs.

  • Redirecting federal dollars from border wall to other border enforcement and security needs”

Other security needs mean lining politicians’ pockets, and making sure no money is ever spent on enforcement. It will be back to open borders as usual, and nothing will be done.

What other needs specifically do you mean?

We all know American citizens have zero say, zero representation, and zero protection. It’s going to be another globalist open borders free for all, and American workers will continue to be punished for being too successful and too productive.

After all, the rest of the world is jealous.

Foreign powers such as India, China, and Mexico are used to dictating US immigration policy. Under unregistered foreign agent Biden, that will resume. Indian job robbers can’t wait.