Oh really?

Well SAALT, what do you think the India Inc mafia has been doing to white

Americans in the tech industry by the millions for several decades?

1000s of India Inc staffing companies have been targeting

white Americans for removal from the job market.

Silicon Valley was stolen by these people – and remains occupied by them.

And now you scream hate crimes?

Look in the mirror.

There’s a difference between a hate crime and demanding justice.

The real hate crime in America is the mass H-1B visa fraud the India Inc

staffing mafia is pulling on white Americans all over the US in the

workplace. These people absolutely hate white Americans.

saalt.org is a Hindu-supremacist hate group.

These armies of looters who have broken into America under false

pretenses now want racist bills such as S386 to pass – which would

give most green cards to one nation: India for the next 15 years.

What about the rights of US citizens?

Why are 4.3 million foreign born Indians allowed to change US immigration laws?

Anti-white, anti-American Hindus such as this one from Collabera running

loose in America have been pulling mass

hate crimes on white Americans for decades.

The hate crime of the century in America: Racist Asians stealing Silicon Valley

from the white Americans who created it. Why don’t you mention that

hate crime, SAALT? The reality is these people are trying to cover for their

crimes on the American people. Demanding back what was stolen from you

is not “white supremacy”. It’s called justice.

His Body Was Behind the Wheel for a Week Before It Was Discovered.

This Was His Life. – The New York Times

2 thoughts on “Hate crimes targeting S Asians fueled by white supremacists: SAALT”
  1. This is why Muslims and Pakistanis and Chinese really HATE these Hindu racist scumbags. They have dealt with these thieving parasites for thousands of years and to this day they are wise to their frauds and scams. Only stupid American politicians are corrupt and blind to be paid off. Americans better wake up before they all end up in homeless tent cities.

    1. Yep. Our pols are selling us out. USA will soon be converted to a Hindu Supremacist nation now that Indians have ruined their own country. Most nations in history don’t survive this kind of treason. Why would ours be any different.

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