• Indian Mafia behind AOC’s rise

    Just more proof that India manipulates US politics to get what it wants. Just as with co-opting Rand Paul + Newt Gingrich for their purposes, an Indian Mafia member […]

  • AOC Chief of Staff’s Campaign Finance Funneling Controversy Grows – Breitbart

    Not surprisingly, he’s an illegal Unregistered Foreign Agent of the criminal nation of India. Violating money laundering + campaign finance laws. And funnelling campaign cash into his own private companies. […]

  • Ocasio-Cortez: Trump Attacked Socialism Because He Is ‘Losing on the Issues’

    No, because the International Socialism known as globalization and H-1B visa job giveaways have been a total disaster for Americans. That’s why.

  • AOC demands LCA Display Enforcement

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that in the interest of levelling the wage gap, all workplaces should display workers’ salaries. Ok, sounds good AOC. Start by having ICE raid all the India […]

  • AOC channels communist wage-leveler Alan Greenspan

    These crazy commies just don’t quit. Just when we get free of the disaster communust Clinton globalization sellouts caused, the communist forces pack our congress with insane producer-punishing crazed communist […]