• Anti-male sexism in Silicon Valley

    It’s not just the Indian Mafia targetting white male American workers. Jealous racists such as Bloomberg’s Emily Chang want to get rid of men in Silicon Valley. Oh that will […]

  • Fake Silicon Valley visa mills are looting US companies

    One has to marvel at the nerve of industrial spies from mainland Asia here to loot us. Founder of Silicon Valley visa-mill university arrested “The head of an unaccredited online […]

  • AOC channels communist wage-leveler Alan Greenspan

    These crazy commies just don’t quit. Just when we get free of the disaster communust Clinton globalization sellouts caused, the communist forces pack our congress with insane producer-punishing crazed communist […]

  • Karl Marx Opposed Mass Immigration

    “Today, the American left is openly in support of unchecked immigration, even though the surge of immigration over the past half century has been a prime factor contributing to the […]