Fake schools

  • Employability Survey 2019: Jobs slip away from the ill-equipped Indian engineer

    Yes that’s right. No one wants these frauds anymore. The jig is up, India. You can only fake + hype so long and 20 years is long enough – especially […]

  • HSI Investigators Expose Six Conspiracies for Job, College Theft – Breitbart “Homeland Security Investigators (HSI) are exposing numerous cases of fraud as a wave of foreigners tries to sneak into Americans’ middle-class colleges and white-collar jobs. The latest example of […]

  • Feds Arrest CA Group for Aiding Chinese Exam and Visa Cheats – Breitbart

    It’s long been known many Asians who are allegedly supposed to be super geniuses the US can’t do without are actually frauds + cheats. Even far left Salon reported years […]

  • From an Indian Informant, PhD

    “FAKE/FRAUD Projects and Impact on US Economy AMERICA and AMERICAN Citizens, wake UP: Recently, I posted an article on “NO Innovation in US Tech Companies” Based on my videos […]

  • India has 4% green buildings, lack of tech expertise…

    Lack of tech expertise? Wait a minute… we thought India was the tech genius of the world and an “innovation hub”. Why does it lack tech expertise? “NEW DELHI: […]


    We are not importing the best + the brightest. We are importing millions of criminal grifters from Asia who are using our visa systems to loot our economy. From an […]

  • Americans freeze to death as H-1Bs buy houses

    Not quite “temporary” workers now are they? Americans freeze to death on the streets in the polar vortex as “temporary guests” on H-1B visas buy houses and never leave. H-1B […]

  • Is cheating really rampant in Techno India University, Kolkata? “yes, you can easily cheat in our university. Our academic coordinator prof ishan ghosh orders all the invigilators to allow cheating and also want to help the student goons […]

  • Why Cheat India (2019)

    Because they can’t do anything else, that’s why… “The movie focuses on existing malpractices in country’s education system, the whole concept of buying your way through education, jobs and […]