H-1B Fraud

  • Feds say Cary man processed hundreds of fraudulent H-1B applications

    In creating “hundreds” of fraudulent H-1B applications, a Cary man earned “at least $26.2 million in ill-gotten gross proceeds.” The defendant, Sairam Yeruva of Cary NC., faces a maximum […]

  • US Techworkers: H-1B Fraud and the Trafficking Victims Protection Act

    Oustanding article from US Techworkers and Jay Palmer on how H-1B visas create indentured labor, which is a violation of Federal law, not to mention the Constitution. “Over the past […]

  • 3 Indian-origin consultants charged w/H-1B visa fraud

    The now daily occurance of more busts for H-1B visa fraud prove that the Indian Mafia infection running rampant in our country is bigger than anyone imagined. These busts are […]

  • Lou Dobbs : Trump’s executive order aims to stop H-1B visa abuse

    Dobbs + Professor Ron Hira expose the rampant, massive abuse in the Federal H-1B visa program. “It’s a scam and a scandal”. “This has got to stop”. The visa program […]

  • IT Manager Sentenced to Prison for H-1B Fraud

    This is the problem: “global staffing companies” run by India Inc Mafia who falsify H-1B applications to flood the US with more fraud workers, often on resumes stolen from real […]