• Hitler Didi angers Jewish group

    The world had better wake up to the new Nazi threat eminating from the S Asian subcontient. Keep in mind these people are invading US industries on H-1Bs AND there […]

  • “The smartest people in the world”

    Trump sure turned on his base and the American workers when he said we need to “Let these brilliant companies have the smartest people in the world“. Well, that would […]

  • Is Vivek Wadhwa an unregistered foreign agent like Manafort?

    Twice-failed-sued-tech-CEO-fake-phone-survey “study” India Inc conman Vivek “Fraudhwa” Wadhwa keeps telling us how India is going to eclipse Silicon Valley. Wow, how’s that for racist and bigotted? Problem is he’s been […]

  • Mastech Digital is here to move US jobs to India

    And they don’t even try to hide it: H-1B is really just a foreign worker training program to steal jobs for other countries.

  • Indian Americans Push Back Against Hate

    Hate? India Inc Organized Crime Syndicates who are targetting Americans for removal from jobs in their own country are the biggest hate crime perps in the US today. Just ask […]

  • Only hindus in India

    No diversity