• Hitler Didi angers Jewish group

    The world had better wake up to the new Nazi threat eminating from the S Asian subcontient. Keep in mind these people are invading US industries on H-1Bs AND there […]

  • Wiesenthal Center Shocked + Dismayed Over “Hitler’s Den” – Urges India’s Civil Society to Demand a Change “The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading International Jewish human rights organization, is urging leaders of civil society to demand that the owners of “Hitler’s Den” immediately change the name […]

  • Shalli Kumar on Coast to Coast with Neil Cavuto

    “Nazi signs”? Got news for Neil – India is the biggest Nazi nation on earth today. Hitler’s Hot In India Made in India Hitler ice-cream, café How […]

  • Connections between India and Hitler

    So that explains their behavior… Connections between India and Hitler “Here, Hitler’s brand of fascism has taken on a distinctly Indian flavour, authenticated with a combination of ethnic hatred and Hindu nationalism, […]

  • Why Hitler is not a dirty word in India

    No wonder Americans can’t find jobs. India Incs sure behave like Hitler. Hyper-nationalism is just fine in India. Now we know their true intent and why they are here.