Indian Mafia

  • Indra Nooyi helped with the InfoSys CT deal

    From CT Techworker Coalition: “It looks like the plot thickens… One of the people who helped arrange the $14M Hartford-Infosys deal – Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi – will be stepping […]

  • No, Silicon Valley has not always ‘had its share of Indians’

    In fact up until the 2002 collapse of Silicon Valley, there were very few Indians in Silicon Valley. Silicon valley was mostly built by Americans and white Americans at that. […]

  • Oracle caught hiring mostly Indians, Feds say

    After 20 years of totally illegal, if not criminal behavior by US tech giants, American tech workers may finally be getting a little justice. The Dept. of Labor’s Office of […]

  • The American Dream Has Become A Nightmare for Tech Workers and Their Families

    The excellent US Techworkers website has a great article on what the H-1B industrial spy and takeover program is doing to US workers. “After earning a bachelor’s degree in business […]

  • Trump Clueless on Legal Immigration, Indifferent to American Tech Workers’ Plight “Nearly three years ago, back when President Trump was a candidate, voters were clear on his illegal immigration stance. Then-candidate Trump promised a “big beautiful” wall, a vow that […]

  • Trump is working for India, not American workers The and all foreign lobbying must be stopped. The US gov’t is supposed to represent Americans, not foreign powers.

  • Indian Mafia targets Japan

    As if destroying Silicon Valley in 2002 and Wall St in 2008 wasn’t enough, now Indian parasite InfoSys is targetting Japanese companies – namely Hitachi and Panasonic. Ravi Kumar, the […]

  • New Jersey Attorney General to Cops: Ignore ICE, Help Illegal Aliens Flee

    The attorney general of New Jersey has made it official: The state will be a virtual sanctuary for illegal aliens. Gurbir S. Grewal, shown, the state’s top law-enforcement officer and […]