Jay Palmer

  • H-1B Bright Spots: Media Covers Long Hours, Jay Palmer Engages: CIS “Two more bright spots on the H-1B scene have emerged lately: A revealing article has appeared in the mainstream media about the terrible work weeks many H-1Bs suffer, and […]

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    Please donate to Jay Palmer – who exposed the Indian Mafia on 60 minutes + CBS and then came down with cancer, mysteriously. He needs help + cannot pay his […]

  • Jay Palmer’s Site

    Definitely worth a look. Jay was a former InfoSys whistleblower who was run out of the company for exposing that Indian Mafia’s crimes. He was also featured on 60 Minutes […]

  • Infosys Briefed B-1 Visa Holders on How to Deceive Immigration Officials

    Ravi Kumar of InfoSys, left, and Catherine Smith, Director of Economic Development for the State of Connecticut Of course they did, InfoSys is an Organized Crime Syndicate and should be […]