• Oracle is dying – the latest victim of India Inc.

    90% Indian occupied Oracle is dying. Amazon Web Services is eating Oracle’s lunch. Oracle filled up with so many Indians in the 1990’s that the US DOL + DHS have […]

  • Get Out of Oracle

    This account shows what a violent, insane, criminal nation India really is. These people are dangerous and uncivilized and we are letting millions of them into our country and companies. […]

  • Innovation Gap Clearly Visible In Large Organizations: Oracle Study

    Looks like foreign workers didn’t perform as promised. No wonder the US economy has problems. “Companies are failing to realize more than half of the innovations they propose, claims […]

  • Another India Inc fail lawsuit. Best and brightest contributing to US economy

    Mostly Indian-populated Oracle sued for fraud for failed software. Highly skilled + talented for sure. Oracle sued for $4.5m after ERP system delivery date ‘moved from 2015 to 2016, then […]

  • Elite law firm’s all-white partner class stirs debate on diversity

    Odd, but slanted Silicon Valley Business Journal won’t publish even one article covering the Indian Mafia’s 99% Indian hiring practices or Oracle’s 90% Indian workforce. Shame on you Silicon Valley […]

  • Oracle H-1B low wages issue to Indian H1B visa holders!!! Latest News

    Another Indian National exposes the fact that H-1B is really all about cheap labor wage-fixing. Which is a Federal crime.

  • Oracle Owes $400M to Women, Black, Asian Workers, DOL Says From Ron Hira: “Read this important case Dept of Labor’s OFCCP v. Oracle, a Silicon Valley icon, alleging the firm’s “extreme preferences” for visa workers. It leads to discrimination […]

  • Oracle favored hiring foreign grads

    Ellison, Hurd, and the rest of them should be arrested for wage-fixing which is a federal felony.

  • Oracle hired more Indians than any other race but paid them 25% less than whites

    As we have known all along H-1B is all about cheap labor illegal wage-fixing by tech giants and their executives. Nothing to do with skills or talent. US-based Oracle […]

  • Oracle caught hiring mostly Indians, Feds say

    After 20 years of totally illegal, if not criminal behavior by US tech giants, American tech workers may finally be getting a little justice. The Dept. of Labor’s Office of […]