• Tech Mahindra’s Failed $75 Million DMV Contract Boondoggle

    Add this $75 million flush to the long list of India Inc conjob fails. Another India Inc scam artist conshop gets $75 million of US $, we get another massive […]

  • ‘Pushing more work out of the US will take time’: Navneet Chugh

    They are not here to contribute to the US economy. They are here to loot us and steal our industries. “In a conversation with BusinessLine, Navneet Chugh, Managing Partner […]

  • Another Accenture India Inc State Proj Fail

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  • India’s Failureshop Wipro Hypes Up ‘3rd Gen Delivery’

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    What Can Be Learned From Indiana’s $1.4 Billion Failed Outsourcing Contract “As part of the preparation for the Indiana-IBM contract, similar programs in Texas and Florida were examined. These programs […]

  • Equifax CIO Rob Webb boasts of outsourcing their software to Infosys

    This is the CAUSE of all the big data breaches in the US: US companies outsourcing their data processing to the criminal thief nation of India. Best + brightest – […]

  • Another anonymous tip on India Inc outsourcing

    “You are absolutely right see the American Readers comments about H1 B abuse to top it these scamsters want Green card removal cap which is now @7% so that if […]

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