• WaPo Admits Trump’s Economy Aiding Minorities, Women But the reporter, Andrew van Dam, could not bring himself to mention Trump or admit that Trump’s “Hire American” immigration policy is forcing companies to hire and pay sidelined Americans. Trump’s […]

  • U.S. Workers Outsourced as Trump Plans Giveaway to Foreign Workers As President Trump says he wants to offer a “potential pathway to citizenship” for foreign workers imported by multinational corporations, American workers at Verizon are having their jobs outsourced.

  • Trump sells out the Americans who elected him.

    President Trump was elected in 2016 on a platform promising to 1) build a wall on the border with Mexico, and 2) end the abuse of H-1B as a source […]

  • Trump caves to the Indian Mafia

    Well it looks like Trump will not keep his campaign promise of cleaning up the totally corrupt H-1B guest worker visa program. No wall, no cleanup. Another big talker with […]