Y2K Visa Overstayers

  • Y2K visa overstayers become “Engineering students”

    You’re either a Y2k “temporary guest worker, or else you’re an “engineering student” here to rob American jobs. Now which is it?

  • Immigration Voice Michigan Drivers License Issue

    Giving them all our jobs, $10 trillion in stolen wages, and all of Silicon valley and they still complain…….. There is no backlog, you are all Y2K visa overstayers. Imagine […]

  • staged a “Green card backlog” protest at White House in 2018 is behind it, as usual. The word “subversion” comes to mind. Subversion is a Federal crime. What talent? $22 trillion in debt. Destroyed companies. Oh but “America is not […]

  • University of Farmington|| Immigration Attorney || Santhosh Somireddy Scams The System 20745 Williamsport PlaceSuite 390 Ashburn, Virginia H-1Bs from India get in, become laywers, then scheme the system on how to get more H-1Bs in. H-1B has become a wide […]

  • Y2K visa overstayer law firms advise invaders how to sue USCIS

    Just whose gov’t is this? Not so temporary after all. Suing the USCIS When a H-1B Visa Has Been Denied Watch the temporary guest worker Y2K visa stayer-law-firm-founding looters scheme: […]

  • India IT Feeling U.S. H-1B Immigration Angst

    Odd: H-1B’s are supposed to be non-immigrant visas. Yet India treats H-1B as its own private mass immigration program. Foreign powers now control our gov’t via lobbying. “India’s information […]

  • Foreign powers now manipulate our congress

    Forget foreign lobbying. Now they’re getting elected to our congress and introducing bills such as H.R. 6794: Immigration Innovation Act of 2018 which would both remove the “green card backlog”, […]