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  • DOJ Antitrust Chief Warns Criminal Prosecutions for Wage-Fixing Are Forthcoming The Department of Justice’s top antitrust official announced that criminal charges against companies who agreed not to hire one another’s employees will be forthcoming, with announcements to be made […]

  • Oracle caught hiring mostly Indians, Feds say

    After 20 years of totally illegal, if not criminal behavior by US tech giants, American tech workers may finally be getting a little justice. The Dept. of Labor’s Office of […]

  • Propaganda

    Another fake “skilled immigrants” propaganda website. Loads of fake graphics without support or sources. $512B imminent economic loss. Really? Based on what data? US has lost 30 million jobs in […]

  • 2/3 of Indian engineers are unable to write code according to DataQuest And we’ve been importing them by the millions for 20 years. No wonder the US economy has problems. “Indians are the worst. Awful combination of arrogance and utter […]

  • Is the ‘India Inc pattern’ strking again, this time at Apple?

    Apple began filling up with highly skilled and talented H-1B workers from India shortly after Steve jobs’ death in 2011 as the graph below shows. Apple signed a deal with […]

  • Best and brightest

    An anonymous source in India sent us this: “An Assistant Professor sent this from Hyderabad INDIA (may be around india as well) juts now: While in foreign countries the faculty […]

  • 5 things you didn’t know about internationally wanted criminal Ratan Tata

    Ratan Tata, of course is the founders of Tata Consultancy Services, which was found guilty of stealing trade secrets from a US company and fined almost a billion dollars.

  • More fake shortage shouting by the Indian Mafia

  • US visa overstays have far exceeded illegal border crossings for a seventh consecutive year US visa overstaying has become a trend  “Meanwhile, executive director of the Center for Migration Studies, Donald Kerwin, said: “It is apparent from our research that persons who overstay their US […]

  • H-1B visa rule: Why Indian techies, IT firms should be worried

    “The restrictions on regular H-1B visas will prevent them from hiring entry-level programmers who form a majority of the workforce”.