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  • New Industrial Espionage

    And in US India Incs + Chinese Industrial spies are the biggest perps. One Indian looter even stole the plans for the B-2 stealth bomber and sold them to China. […]

  • India’s corporate espionage wake-up call

    They even loot their own gov’t.

  • The Indus Valley Entrepreneurs (T.I.E) is a racist, economic terroist organziation

    Why haven’t these people been shut down for economic terroism by DHS + DOJ? It’s an illegal Indian-only organization operating in the US violating US law and discriminating against anyone […]

  • Racist, sexist Indian blog

    It’s ok to be racist if you are Indian.

  • Hindu American Foundation

    Invasion and takeover of America continues, not to mention out of control racism.

  • Can USA survive without high skilled foreign worker under H-1B visa?

    Well we got along quite well and built Silicon valley before any of you arrived. I am sure we’ll manage somehow, “It is very sad that immigration workers contribution […]

  • New Jersey U Was Fake, but Visa Fraud Arrests Are Real

    Oh course they were. How else is a dying US supposed to deal with the Indian Mafia running amok all over the US?

  • The global Indian takeover

    They don’t even try to hide it. Their intent is takeover. “Ladies and gentlemen please take your seats. You are about to witness one of the greatest shows on earth: […]

  • Indian Americans Push Back Against Hate

    Hate? India Inc Organized Crime Syndicates who are targetting Americans for removal from jobs in their own country are the biggest hate crime perps in the US today. Just ask […]

  • IBM doesn’t even pretend to comply with H-1B law – Cringely

    No kidding. IBM is now 71% occupied by India Inc looters who hate American workers.