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  • Accenture is eating into the market share of Indian IT giants

    We beleive it’s called ‘karma’.

  • Vodafone NZ secretly plans to outsource jobs to India: insider

    Vodaphone was nearly destroyed years ago by the Indian Outsourcing Mafia. Now they are back in full force. Vodaphone will probably go the way of Sun Micro soon. Racist + […]

  • H-1B Visas Rejected For Cognizant, Infosys, TCS

    Good. American workers are finally getting some justice on racist + bigotted looter India Inc conshops. “This will cause a huge impact on business of India”. Business? What business? The […]

  • Infosys saw maximum rejections of H-1B extensions Of course they did. That’s because racist looter shop InfoSys won’t hire Americans:

  • 75% of Republicans Believe White Americans Face Discrimination, According to New Poll

    Of course they do. Most American pros by now know they are being run out of their own jobs in their own country by the Indian Mafia. Just ask […]

  • Rolls Royce Picks Infosys to Source Engg, Digital Services

    Rolls Royce sure does love pain. One would have thought that after the Boeing 787 India Inc outsourcing disaster proj + $500 million lost due to engine failures caused by […]

  • Bay Area startup offers loans to H-1B visa holders, DACA recipients

    Where is Elizabeth Warren on “unfair competitive advantage” now? Too bad for Stilt that it is illegal under Federal law to discriminate in national origin when loaning money: It’s […]

  • Why are Trump and Congress avoiding comprehensive immigration reform?

    We all know why – the big biz + big tech lobbies want to keep the cheap labor pipeline wide open. Talk is cheap, Trump.

  • Freefall of Indian rupee triggers large remittances

    India’s economy mostly works by living off remittances sent by its workers in other countries.

  • OPT’s/CPT’s scramble to rob jobs

    They sure are insecure.