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  • First Undocumented Immigrant Appointed to State Post in California

    Invaders have fully taken over CA. Not even sure this is legal. “The decision made by the Senate Rules Committee on Wednesday saw Lizbeth Mateo, a 33-year-old attorney and […]

  • CEO Offers to Build 234 Miles of Border Wall for $1.4 Billion A builder from North Dakota has offered to put up 234 miles of border walls on the U.S.–Mexico border for $1.4 billion, which is approximately 80 percent less expensive […]

  • Dr. Gene Nelson, PhD. on Boeing

    More evidence the recent 737 Max 8 crashes were caused by outsourcing to India Inc. “Another example of what can likely be traced to employer abuse of the H-1B Visa […]

  • Propaganda: Keeping American-Educated STEM Talent

    Except that Silicon Valley was created by Americans, not by foreign students. This is nothing but a paid NASSCOM PR piece designed to get more job robbers into the US. […]

  • Indicted drug analyst Annie Dookhan’s e-mails reveal her close personal ties to prosecutors

    Another fine example of Trump’s “smartest people in the world” that our “brilliant companies” can’t do without. Most of them are criminals. H-1B has become a conduit for other nations […]

  • USCIS Efforts Lead to Sentencing of Former Stamford Resident for Operating Extensive Immigration Fraud Scheme

  • Get Out of Oracle

    This account shows what a violent, insane, criminal nation India really is. These people are dangerous and uncivilized and we are letting millions of them into our country and companies. […]

  • How H-1B Visas Are Screwing Tech Workers”: Mother Jones

    You know when a lib rag like MJ exposes the H-1B scam, it’s really bad. The tired, old “Yahoo, eBay, Intel, and Google, immigrants”…. nonsense. Intel was founded by 2 […]

  • Indian-Origin Uber Driver Kidnapped Woman Passenger To Boost His Fare

    Smartest people in the world our brilliant companies can’t do without. More like the world’s biggest criminal looter nation. Welcome to the new America. Harbir Parmar, 25 of New […]

  • Chamber of Commerce: International Student Job Robber Conduit

    The illegal wage-fixing Chamber of Commerce is probably the biggest facilitator of cheap labor in the US. The Chamber represents mostly US business, whose members pay dues to the Chamber […]